"I’ve trained with Sam since 2011. My goals were to increase my fitness/ energy levels and lose several pounds. His easy going friendly manner creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. He knows exactly when to push and when to encourage. Fantastic results and highly recommended!"


HR Director

"I absolutely love training with Sam. He challenges me in every workout and inspires me to try my hardest. Sam sure knows how to adapt his teaching style to the ways that people learn and just when I get comfortable with a workout regime he injects something new to stretch me further."


Zumba Instructor & Personal Trainer

"Before I came to Sam I lost my first bit of weight by working unsustainably hard and eventually hit a brick wall. With the plan Sam customized for me, I work out less often, feel stronger, eat healthier and I’ve lost the next ten pounds in a fraction of the time."


Software Engineer

"Sam has been so helpful and very motivational during my lifestyle change. The nutrition and exercise plans that he made for me is not only easy to follow but very effective. I have learnt a lot from Sam and believe he is a major key to my successful transformation."



"Sam considers your goals & encourages you to meet them.  Through this process he guides you and challenges you.  Sam is magnificent to train with.  I didn't feel like I was going to work out during my sessions, I felt like I was meeting a friend who was helping me achieve my goals.  With the results I see I will continue to work with Sam as he has proven to deliver as an exceptional trainer."



"I met Sam when he was training my girlfriend for a fitness competition.  After a while of training on my own and getting nowhere, I decided to train with Sam.  His one on one approach got me the results I was looking for, and his personalized style keeps things fresh and engaging."


Top Chef