The following is a compilation of how trauma effects soft tissues and when left untreated, you can expect to experience many occurences on the list below:

  • collagen is now laid down in multi directional patterns aka scar tissue;
  • superficial/deep fascia is damaged and shortened or lengthened in areas which restrict movement;
  • muscles tighten up as a reflex to guard surrounding area;
  • neural drive is increased to opposing muscles;
  • surrounding musculature begin to work harder to create/stabilize movement;
  • blood flow is compromised to area sustained by injury;
  • muscles shorten and create hyper-toned chains of fascial trains;
  • joints above and below stiffen up to protect the area by limiting movement;
  • joint dexterity is lost due to mechanoreceptor de-stimulation again, to protect the area from further injuries;
  • sensory perception may be skewed;
  • referred pain to other areas of the body;
  • development of secondary and tertiary conditions unbeknownst to the affected person;
  • flexibility is affected;
  • mobility is affected.

I hear it all the time:

“Years ago I sprained my ankle and I couldn’t walk for days but, it got better after a few weeks.”

” I never got it looked at because I eventually got to 100% except, when it gets cold my feet freeze and my ankle feels like its freshly rolled again.”

This doesn’t sound like 100% resolved to me.  In fact, it screams that this wasn’t taken care of properly.  There are several steps to take to recover from an injury: manual therapy interventions, joint mobility/strengthening, muscular strengthening, fascial lengthening, muscle activation techniques, and proprioception are some of the issues that must be addressed to begin feeling 100%.

If an MSK (Musculoskeletal) injury had occurred sometime in your life and wasn’t taken care of properly, now is the time to get behind why you maybe experiencing chronic pain.

We now accept insurance and offer direct billing to your insurance provider to ensure a smooth transition from your orthopaedic injury to regaining your functional strength.


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