In many ways, coming back from vacation can be tough. Getting up for your morning ritual has become torturous, adjusting back to your parenting routine, toning your eating habits, and exercising.


Most people, myself included, push their bodies to the limits with diet and exercise to prepare themselves for their vacation to only wreak havoc on their bodies while they’re away. This year’s 16-day vacation I found myself 10 pounds heavier. I blame the decadent foods, lattes, champagne and lack of movement. However,  I am glad to say that in 9 days I’m only 2 pounds away from my original body weight.


Finding the time to exercise while on vacation isn’t always easy but it’s the key to minimizing the impact a vacation can have on your body. Whether it’s a nice stroll, hill sprints, or strength training, any form of exercise will help keep your body in check.


What most people find challenging when losing vacation weight is getting over what I like to call the “food hangover” syndrome. This is when a vacationer comes from a regimented meal plan to a happy place where schedules are as open as our food choices.


When on vacation I find myself in a constant state of “fullness” where the mind and body forget what it feels like to be “hungry”. When people return from vacation or a break from their meal routine, they feel the need to feed and this is where underlying issues kick into play. This momentum of their need to feed will sustain the newly added body weight from the excess consumed calories.


Take it from me,  it is not easy coming back from that happy place with all the freedom of food choices and no schedule to eating 3 structured meals a day. Going from your holiday/weekend mode to your regimented schedule is what needs to be done.  It is exactly what you have to do to see the weight come off.   Unfortunately, for most people, they tend to carry on the habits of eating outside of their regular hours of eating.  This practice will sustain the newly gained weight.


Keys to avoid extra weight gain

At restaurants, split main courses into two meals. Eat not so nutritious foods in moderation coupled with short bouts of cardio or exercise multiple times a day.  Stop eating the kid’s leftovers. Fasted cardio following a night of consuming alcoholic beverages is a great way of burning off excess calories although, not many people can bring themselves to get in the mind set of exercising while they are hung over.

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