A very big congrats to Kate, who I continue to support on her road to a positive change in health and wellness.

To date, Kate has lost 57 pounds of body fat.  She has lost pure adipose (fatty tissue) and has gained 14 whopping pounds of lean muscle mass.  That is a total of 71 pounds of weight displacement since March this year.

Kate contacted me in the Spring 2016 regarding her plan to get healthy.  After a consultation, we decided to get started on her journey.  She initially began training with me once per week in studio and also did the “self directed” training portion of my program.  In Kate’s first week, she had lost 12 pounds!  I ensured her that we would continue to monitor her body composition analysis to ensure that when we come close to a plateau,  we would be ready to reformulate her macronutrient numbers and change up her exercise selection.

Clients I work with utilize a “sliding scale” when it comes to booking sessions from week to week. The sliding scale is explained like this: the more you follow the lifestyle changes and produce results,  the less likely you will see me.  This helps hold the client accountable and teaches them that if they follow the rules, they would reap the benefits of their hard work and lengthen their session counts because the more they follow the rules, the less they need to see me in person.

As  the months passed, Kate found herself in my strength and conditioning groups on Monday evenings and then eventually added on additional sessions on Wednesday and Saturdays.  The pros of attending group sessions are that they are not only affordable but the team support is second to none.

Here is what Kate has to say about her success training in our strength and conditioning groups:

When I was told that I would need to join the group sessions, I was very nervous and anxious as I didn’t know half the people I would be joining. I was used to working one on one, so to go into a group environment was very intimidating to me. I was scared that I would hold people back because I didn’t know if I would be able to keep up with everyone else.

Now it feels good to be in the group as everyone is encouraging towards each other, and we have lots of laughs during the gruelling workout.

Over the last few years, I found that re-educating people on lifestyle changes was a long and tedious task.  It is not something that can happen in 6 months or 1 year.  For instance, bigger name gyms in the city guarantee ‘X’ amount of pounds lost over a period of time for, quite often, large amounts of money.  But what these establishments do not teach is what happens after the training sessions are completed.  The science behind nutrient consumption and timing isn’t taught to their clients.  Accountability isn’t given to the client which forces them to solely rely on the gym and their methods.  The results are not realistic and gives the client a false sense of what is really attainable.

I came to the realization that success doesn’t come from the hours spent at the gym but it comes from the quality of sleep and manageable stress levels that will allow your body to produce hormones on an ideal level.  Another huge factor comes from low sympathetic nervous system firing so increased levels of stress hormones are kept to a minimum.  Results come from stabilizing your metabolism so your body can burn blood sugar at a constant.   Results come from living a balanced lifestyle where you don’t have to spend all your time in the gym but just move your body around in a manner that your joints are mobile, muscles are contracting and relaxing and your heart rate goes through periods of elevation and depression in rhythm.  All of the aforementioned takes time to develop into ones routine.  The longer someone practices these life changing habits, the better off they are in success in the long term.

You will often hear people say “the last 10 lbs are the hardest to lose”.  This is a false statement which is thrown around by people who fail to realize exercise & nutrition are science based and determining your specific needs directly tie into your successes.

Extraordinary progress Kate,  keep up the amazing work.