I will never stop preaching about how important it is to make time for yourself.  By making time I don’t mean laying on the couch watching TV.  I’m talking about performing an activity that will improve your health and fitness.  Something that will increase strength or cardia output.  Whether it be swimming, weight training yoga etc.   We as humans are a creature of habit and as we age.  We go from being quite active as children growing more and more active in grade school which peaks for most athletes at the high school level, only to bottom out after graduating from high school.    Some will continue to pursue higher calibre sport but for most they become so wrapped up in life that the muscles that were once in an almost purely active state go sedentary.  They stress about exams, deadlines, student loans among other things.  The muscles they had working for them burning body fat at rest now lay dormant as their bodies are going through this hibernation mode.  Coupled with the stresses of daily life and how some tie in stress relief through eating their bodies are not burning fat at rest as efficiently as it did in their younger years.

A great example of this is my friend Jackie.  Jackie was a high calibre athlete in junior high/ high school.  The athletic type you watched play a certain sport and she excelled beyond everybody else on the court/ field.  The type of athlete that the scouts from colleges universities look for.  She had the height for volleyball and basketball.  She also had the speed and strength which made her a well rounded athlete.  Sidelined by a lower body injury hampered her ability to move further with her sports she excelled in.  As most others do, she continued with school and she started living her life.  The eye opener for her as with most others is when your own children come along.  You want to be there for them as they grow.   You want to stay active and strong so you can participate with physical activity with them as it fosters a great relationship between you and the little one/s.  As a child my father inspired me and my siblings to keep active.  ITs something I will continue to do for my future children and something I hope my children can do shall they have children of their own one day.

Back to my friend Jackie.  Even though she resides in California I haven’t spoken to her in a number of years however I do see her every Thursday.  I see her on TV.  She has been selected to participate in The Biggest Loser challenge.  To tell you the truth I have never watched this show entirely but now that I have a personal connection with a contestant I watch and I cheer because I know she has the drive to advance week to week. Gooo Tigers… oops I mean GOOO JAckie!

To read more about Jackie, here is the link to her profile.