About 6 months ago a client mentioned to me that she had done a spin class at a small studio in Mission.  She ranted and raved how different  it was compared to the spin classes we did at our local gym.  Not really thinking it through about leaving my gym to spin somewhere else ever crossed my mind.   As the weeks passed several other female clients of mine began to speak of this same studio.  I started to wonder whats with this place?  I never ever gathered up the courage to leave my comfort zone (spinning at the gym).  Fast forward 6 months.

In the downtown area of Kensington nestled in the same strip mall as a yogurt shop, cupcake store, bank,  and other fancy shops lies Calgary’s newest boutique spin studio YYC Cycle.  Upon approaching this studio there huddles a hand full of people.  These people really take good care of themselves.  As I walk into the foyer I am met with another 10 people vying to get in to the next spin class.  I peek down the hall into the back room where bass is pounding through the sliding door.  Purple lights illuminate the room.  There is something mysterious yet familiar about this place.  It reminds me of going to the hottest clubs when I was a young man many many moons ago.  I haven’t even checked in yet and I was excited.  Excited because I have deep appreciation for people that  take care of themselves and this place was full of good looking people alike.  Excited because the melodic beat of the house music was making its way through my ears into my brain and making me want to move my body.  I by the way, am a huge fan of House music.  Music in general will not only accelerate your workout it adds the fuel to the fire and makes the 45 minutes very exciting.  Each instructor caters to different crowds as it will take several classes for you to find your “motivator”  this is the term they use for their instructors – brilliant!

YYC Cycle Spin Studio has a mens and women’s change rooms, showers, stretch area (complete with foam rollers), towel services, cycling shoes (included in the price), complimentary automated lockerettes to lock your valuables into and an on-line booking system to simplify your life.

Spin has long been my favourite form of cardiovascular activity and my experience with YYC Cycle is comparable to none.  I whole heartedly suggest if you haven’t had the chance to spin outside  of your home gym then give YYC Cycle a chance.